Marymatha Construction Company, a partnership firm and a leading reputed construction company in Kerala Registered in 1992 and later the constitution is converted and name changed as Marymatha Infrastructure Private Limited during 2019. The registered office of the Company is at Muvattupuzha, Ernakulam District. The company has obtained Class ‘A’ license for this purpose from the Government of Kerala. The floating of this company by the partners of the firm was with the intention of corporatizing their construction contract work business, to achieve goals and ambitions in the challenging scenario of globalization and professionalization with quality and efficiency in operations. The company is very much confident for undertaking any major work by ensuring quality and timely completion thanks to the proven ability and track record of the Directors. The company’s formation was on 01/11/1992, by our visionary Mr. M.P. Cherian, a dedicated and idealistic person, who is the guiding lamp of the company ever since its formation. The Partnership Deed was signed on 01/11/1992 and amended on 01/04/2004. The company became registered on 14/05/1999 and later converted into Marymatha Infrastructure Private Limited in 2019.  During the period of 2000 – 2001 the turnover was Rs.1.19 Crore and then it expanded to Rs.27.34 crore in

2007-2008 and later it rose to 68 crore during 2013-2014 within a short span and again during 2015-2016 it became 119.76 and crossed Rs.200 Cr in 2017-18.  We achieved this only because of the thoughtful perceptions of our Founder Sri. M.P. Cherian, erstwhile Managing Director and Mr. Sabu Cherian, present Managing Director and his brothers and Directors Mr. Sen Cherian, and Mr.Sibu Cherian.  And now with a projected turnover of Rs. 360 cr., the company is engaging in versatile nature of civil construction works such as Barrage Construction, Regulator cum Bridges, Water Treatment Plant, Over head reservoirs, Multi-storied green and smart buildings, protection works in water beds such as Kuttanad paddy fields, Land development works, highways, Pipe laying works, Canal works, Kochi Metro Rail work, Kochi Water Metro works, etc. The company accomplished its aim to broaden the business outside the state by achieving the prestigious contract for the construction of Goa Ship Yard Office building.

Founders Message

Marymatha takes great pride in being a Company, active in a wide range of Construction sectors that helps to build a better nation. We believe in the saying ‘The best Creator next to God is a Civil Engineer’ and we strive to prove it right and our Constructions will remain as examples of best Civil Engineering practices for the future to come. Marymatha has a long tradition in the Construction industry with corporate roots dating back to the 1960’s. We consistently strive to develop and introduce new practices and services that meet the challenging growth of the Construction Industry. We had many opportunities to take part in versatile construction activities and many Employers preferred us to execute their works under complicated site conditions; all this added to our confidence. At present we developed our company with experience in all types of Construction activities and well equipped Mechanical division. When we look back, the growth of our company seems like a dream. We started it as a small contracting company, but with God’s grace and our hard work, it has now become one of the top Construction companies in South India. We can only state the reason for this growth as our hard work, determination, will power and above all God’s blessings. During these years, We have seen how construction industry has changed the face of our society, its people and their lifestyles. It shows Engineering is touching lives and we believe Engineering Changes… Changes Lives……………and thus we.



M P Cherian,
Founder, Marymatha Groups

Core Values