Sri. M. P. Cherian made the first step towards formation of the company through the small contract he made from the irrigation department in the year 1970. Later on as his efforts flourished, it was led to the inception of the company as Marymatha Construction Company in 1992. The company was formed and developed based on the core values such as quality, integrity, dynamic culture and passion for excellence. The constitution of the company since converted and name changed as Marymatha Infrastructure Private Limited.  We are upholding its founder’s vision to pursue excellence through dedication, experience and disciplined staff. Mr. M. P. Cherian was also a dedicated and an idealistic person and is the guiding lamp of the company ever since its formation. He always adapted to the needs of the changing world, and rouse to meet its challenges. Now Twenty-Seven years after the inception of the company, we are looking toward a future bright with possibility. Today, the company is ISO 9001-2008, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001:2015 certified  and having CRISIL rating SME 2 with a bank rating for Rs.175 Cr..

The year of 2016 passed with the sad memory of our beloved founder’s demise. A great business man, visionary and above all a lovable person, he uphold human values and his devotion to God. Without doubt, the progress of Marymatha is only because of his good deeds and prayers. He remained as a model character for all around him. An exceptional entrepreneur, a strategist with an unconventional profile, Sri.M. P. Cherian had a vision of the industry and its potential, and knew how to anticipate market developments. All those who knew him confirm that he had a rare strength of conviction, along with a surprising ability to unite and inspire teams. They also recollect his taste for freedom, his absolute requirement for honesty, and his love for fellow beings. Marymatha is his life’s work, and its development reflects his high personal expectations, convictions and commitments.

He was an active presence in the political, social and construction sector. He served as a Councilor for 17 years and played a major part in the development of Muvattupuzha Municipality. He also served as the Director of Plantation Corporation, Housing Society, Agricultural Development Bank etc. He entered to the political sector through Indian National Congress, and played a major role in the development the Kerala congress in Muvattupuzha. He also hold the positions of Kerala Congress Council, Legislative Council President, State Samithi Member etc. He had a very close and intimate relationship with Sri. K. M. Mani, Sri.P. J. Joseph, Sri.T. M. Jacob and many other major political leaders.

His day used to begin with the first holy mass in his parish Holy Maggi Ferona Church. Then he moves to the cemetery; light lamps and prays to his parents. For many years he was the Vice-president of Vincent D’paul Society of Kothamangalam Diocese, and carried out many charity works in Muvattupuzha and nearby areas. Under the Society, he constructed homes for many poor people. If any poor or orphan in seen atandened in streets of Muvattupuzha, the first call will go to Sri. M. P. Cherian’s home, no matter who and whatever the time, he always goes to there with help in his car, and get them to SD Orphanage, managed by sisters. He stood strong to protect the church and its institutions. He made many contributions to the construction of Muvattupuzha Holy Magi Church and Muvattupuzha Nirmala College.

He developed his business by starting Marymatha Construction company on 1989. Later, with projects of CIAL, JICA, Vallarpadam container Terminal, LNG Terminal, Ezhimala Naval Academy project etc, Marymatha registered its signature of excellence and quality in many major sector developments in Kerala.

His lessons and his life itself has been inspiring us and will inspire in the generations to come. No other role model could set such a history for us. His noble behaviour has always influenced thousands, and will continue to inspire the future generations.